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the darkest timeline: chilton hates you

So he has come to a completely inexplicable bar, where the first drink is free and bizarre manifestations of conscience ask him pointed questions about who Hannibal Lecter is sleeping with.

Why doesn't his fractured psyche wish to know anything about who he is sleeping with? (Don't answer that.) For the time being, he has elected to keep drinking until alternatives beyond 'return to prison' present themselves.

Chilton is seated at a table that provides a good view of the bar, but has thus far done only the barest minimum by way of exploring the place. He can't even bring himself to abandon the jumpsuit. He almost likes it, in a masochistic sort of way: He's been indelibly branded. A burnt-orange letter on his breast.

His compliments to Dr. Lecter, Miriam Lass, and the BAU.
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Graham doesn't pause as he crosses the threshold. As though he were expecting the bar to suddenly appear, or at least doesn't object to it, he merely closes the door once again, and slips his hands into the pockets of his long gray coat.

The ease in how he holds himself, how he walks, is familiar, but unlike him. At first he seems to be heading toward the Bar - before the orange fabric that snags at his attention.

He still never stops. Graham's path tilts toward Chilton's table like it had been his intention the moment he walked in.
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What the hell are you wearing?

It's not exactly audible -- the words are almost at the edge of hearing, but they come with a strong feeling of surprise and a flicker in the peripheral vision.

Beverly's still getting the hang of appearing corporeal in the bar. It doesn't seem to be a problem for other dead people here, but they all seem to have been issued real bodies on arrival.
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She's making an effort, but she still looks pretty translucent. The effect is a little like watching a movie projected on a dark window. When the glass falls, she puts out a hand to try and catch it; the spilled liquid passes right through her palm.

"Dr. Chilton?"

There: that sounds more like a human voice.
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"Formerly, I guess, if you want to get technical."
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Beverly blinks at him.

"What? Of course you're not the Ripper. I know who killed me."

A beat. Her eyes narrow.

"Are they charging you?"

Did she die and then Jack Crawford lost his goddamn mind?
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Beverly's edges fuzz out and then focus again, and the ambient temperature drops slightly, although in the large room it's not too obvious.

"You know that and he's not in custody?"
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Her eyes widen.

"Which agents?"
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"I have -- I had more colleagues than Jimmy and Z at the Bureau."

She draws her hands over her face, trying to focus. Thinking about Price and Zeller always makes it hard.

"But they're alive? They're alive."
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She groans.

"Goddammit, guys-- Don't you even have an alibi for the other murders?"
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"You're not hallucinating, Frederick."

He slows and then stops at Chilton's table, putting his hand on a free chair, but not yet pulling it out.

"Though for now, you'll have to take my word for it."
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Just barely, Graham smiles.

He does pull out the chair, unbuttoning his coat as he sits down. Graham still doesn't look right to his eyes, his gaze settling near Chilton's shoulder.

"How are you, Frederick?"

His voice his even, but it's an entirely unnecessary question.
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With a flicker, she's sitting across from him, her head in her hands, her expression incredulous.

"Lass thinks you were the one holding her?"
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"How," she says, helpless. "What a clusterfuck, Jesus."

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