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the darkest timeline: chilton hates you

So he has come to a completely inexplicable bar, where the first drink is free and bizarre manifestations of conscience ask him pointed questions about who Hannibal Lecter is sleeping with.

Why doesn't his fractured psyche wish to know anything about who he is sleeping with? (Don't answer that.) For the time being, he has elected to keep drinking until alternatives beyond 'return to prison' present themselves.

Chilton is seated at a table that provides a good view of the bar, but has thus far done only the barest minimum by way of exploring the place. He can't even bring himself to abandon the jumpsuit. He almost likes it, in a masochistic sort of way: He's been indelibly branded. A burnt-orange letter on his breast.

His compliments to Dr. Lecter, Miriam Lass, and the BAU.
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He's still for another moment, and then leans forward, over the table. Sudden and smooth, the way he reached through the bars of his cage.

"Do you think I'd leave you to save myself, Frederick?"
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Didn't stop you before is too petulant. Graham doesn't shift back, doesn't even follow Chilton's movement with his eyes.

"Or are you worried -"

It's quiet, with only detached curiosity.

"- because you know what you would do in my place?"
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Graham leans back in his chair again, his mouth curling into a small smile.

"You wanted to be the one to catch the Ripper."